Management Theory of Peter Block

Enhance your management and consulting skills with Block's management theory

The management theory of Peter Block involves self-awareness, spirituality, collaboration, stewardship and many more elements of self; Peter Block and management equal an overall paradigm shift in regards to your life and work. Block's business management approach contains a grass roots (back-to-the-basics) quality as he encourages leaders and consultants to reach a depth of honesty with self and others.

Block explains success in leadership as beginning with your self-knowledge, acceptance and willingness to learn and take chances leading an organization/community. He approaches human beings from a holistic perspective, and he challenges people to be different from previously set norms. Learn about the following aspects of the Peter Block theory:

1. Peter Block management theory centers on change.

2. Leadership is a crucial element in the management theory of Peter Block.

3. His ideas on being a collaborative consultant emphasize honesty and purpose with clients.

Change your perspective with the Block management theory

Changing one thought, question or approach changes an entire sequence of events. A mantra common to the Peter Block stewardship approach to leadership is: change how you engage, change your thoughts, and change your life. These changes involve accepting responsibility for choices; no longer choose to be a victim because everyone has choices in this world.

Explore concepts of the Peter Block leadership theory

Being a leader requires courage - the courage to imagine options and create something new in a world that is unpredictable. Block says you do not have control in this world, but you do have power. Sharing power helps others find meaning and purpose in their work.

Utilize Peter Block consulting theories on honesty and purpose

The two foundational traits Block emphasizes are honesty and purpose. Be who you are and tell the truth, so you develop an authentic partnership with your client, and let the client know what you want to create. Through improving consulting practice, you can provide excellent service to organizations and communities.

  • Take the time to understand the history of organization development because it has a strong impact on Peter Block's management theories.