Use maps in a variety of ways to boost your business

There are many ways that you can use maps to help increase your business operations. You can use maps to target marketing efforts, provide comprehensive directions or even research locations for potential operations.

With a wide array of maps to choose from online, there are maps to fit every need. Find the right map to fulfill your business needs by beginning with a quick online search. There are a lot of maps available, from a single world map to zoning maps, satellite maps, topographical maps and many more. Before you get started, keep the following things in mind:

1. Consider which information needs to be represented on your map, such as population or other businesses.

2. Do some research to find how competitors are taking advantage of information maps.

3. Assess your business needs to determine which features are essential and which can be left out.

Use simple location maps to connect with customers and clients

There are several ways that simple maps and directions can be useful for your business. Include a street map in advertisements or marketing so that customer can easily find your location, or use road maps to effectively find customers for service-based business.

Increase visibility with community business maps

Community business maps are for tourists or those unfamiliar with the area your business serves. They usually feature local attractions and businesses, which can be especially useful if your business is unique. Have community maps made yourself to hand out for free or sell as a side-product. Or, pay to have an existing community business map updated with your business listing.

Target the right demographic with marketing maps

Maps with the right marketing information on them will help you locate your customers and make the most concentrated marketing efforts. Marketing maps provide important information about the consumers in specific neighborhoods, such as age and income, as well as the locations of your competitors in those neighborhoods.

Try map mashing to focus on your target demographics

Map mashing programs overlay the content of maps with other databases to match up data points. This is an extremely useful tool when you want to combine the marketing data from various informational maps, when determining your target markets.
  • Limit maps to essential information only; jumbled and overly-busy maps are not very helpful.