Market Research Education and Training

Use training and educational tools to increase market information knowledge

Study market research reports for insight about market trends and strategies, product information, sales, projections, quantitative and qualitative facts, data about market growth, demographics, size, segmentation and other aspects of market research. Invest in market research companies that provide U.S. and global analyses to gain an international perspective of market information.

In addition, team up with market research firms that serve a variety of industries such as food and beverage, life sciences, consumer goods, public education, and the service industry. Utilize tools including books and materials, online learning, continuing education, comprehensive reports, other publications, associations and networking forums.

1. Work with market research suppliers that offer public and private sector analyses.

2. Join forums and networking groups to expand market research education and training.

3. Read publications about market research analysis.

Connect with marketing and research companies that provide educational or training products

Join forces with companies that lead the industry in business market research. Search for businesses with a history of providing trusted market research intelligence. Ask for references from others who have used their products or services to confirm the research is timely and accurate.

Interact with other market research company professionals

Team up with a market research analyst on a discussion board or forum. Exchange ideas about a market research plan through associations for industry professionals. Enhance your education and training by networking with others in the field. Look for communities that support the diverse needs of the entire marketing research profession.

Review articles about marketing and research companies

Read literature to stay abreast of innovative developments, articles from industry experts, new advances in market research applications, updates in qualitative and quantitative techniques, and other emerging technologies. Market research journals offer professionals in-depth articles about the field.

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