Masonry Contractors Education and Training

Set your career in stone by learning to become a masonry contractor

If you want to be a mason and aren't lucky enough to have a contact in the business who can teach you how to become a brick layer, you'll need to search for other avenues of masonry contractors education and training. Whether you'll be looking for work at masonry restoration companies or if you're thinking about becoming a self-employed masonry contractor, you'll need proper training and education.

While no formal degree is required for masonry contractors, you can get a certificate from an accredited trade school. Seminars and conferences are also great training tools. Apprenticeships with masonry companies or local masonry contractors provides invaluable hands-on experience. So if you're ready to make your living doing professional brick work or work with concrete masonry contractors or stone masonry contractors, here's how to get started:
  1. Attend a trade or vocational school and get a masons certificate.
  2. Apprentice with masonry contractors and get on-the-job training.
  3. Sign up for seminars and conferences as part of masonry contractors education and training.

Enroll in a program for masons at a technical or trade school

You won't need a bachelor's or master's degree to become a masonry contractor, but a certificate from a trade school certainly wouldn't hurt. Many of these programs will teach you about brick laying, stone work, how to read blue prints and how to use masonry tools. Enrolling in a trade school can even lead to apprenticeships.

Learn under the guidance of an established masonry contractor through an apprenticeship

Since being a masonry contractor involves working with one's hands, then perhaps the best way to get masonry contractors education and training is with hands-on experience. You can get involved in a mason apprentice program through trade schools, masonry organizations or even by working with local masonry contractors who are willing to take on an apprentice.
Lakeshore Technical College provides over 4,000 hours of on-the-job training that teaches apprentices how to read blueprints, how to lay out a masonry job and more.

Take advantage of seminars and conferences for masons as part of your continuing education

One of the top benefits in joining a professional masons organization or association is the continuing education opportunities made available to members. Ongoing seminars, conferences, lectures and classes will provide you with the most recent masonry information that can prove vital to your business.

  • For additional masonry education, subscribe to a professional trade magazine aimed at masonry contractors.