Mattresses Basics

Know necessary information to purchase quality new mattresses

Many industries rely upon comfortable, quality mattresses to please their customers. Bed and breakfasts, hotels and even RV dealerships must offer a mattress with their product or service that provides optimal comfort and support. Mattress suppliers understand the need for quality mattresses, and that is why there are so many options to choose from.

Before you make your final purchase decision, it’s important to first understand mattresses basics. As you examine the vast array of options available, consider the following:

1. Size is an important factor in regards to comfort when you buy a mattress.

2. Understand what contributes to comfort and support with both coil mattresses and foam mattresses.

3. To obtain the maximum use, you must know how to properly care for bed mattresses.

Discern the size differences in bed mattresses

The size of mattress that you need depends on what you will use it for. Twin mattresses, also known as singles, measure 38 x 75 inches. Extra long twins, often found in dorm rooms, are 5 inches longer. Double or full size mattresses measure 53 x 75 inches. Queens are 60 x 80 inches. Kings, which are the size of choice for hotels and bed and breakfasts, measure 76 x 80 inches, while a California King is 72 x 84 inches. Take into consideration the location where the mattress will go and who will use it before making a size decision.

Purchase a bed mattress that will provide maximum comfort and support

The support a regular spring mattress provides depends on the type of coils, number of coils and how the coils connect. For proper comfort the mattress needs sturdy upholstery and edge materials. There must be a balance between soft and firm in order to provide maximum support and comfort. Other specialty mattress options include memory foam mattresses that claim to provide strong support without sacrificing comfort. They are more expensive but are worth the purchase if your company's budget allows.

Care for your mattresses correctly

Manufacturers recommend that you install your mattresses properly and cover them with a mattress pad to protect from stains and odors. Avoid dry cleaning mattresses because the chemical agents used can damage them. They also recommend rotating mattresses every two weeks in the first three months of use and every two months so that the mattresses last longer, with an even distribution of weight applied.