Media Market Analysis Key Terms

Understand media market analysis key terms

Media market analysis helps companies evaluate the results of media market research. This analysis can help you determine which route to take with your company's marketing. When searching for a media marketing analysis company, many come across terms or phrases that they don't understand. Becoming familiar with media market analysis key terms will help you narrow down potential analysis companies and locate the ones that will best meet the marketing needs of your business.

Partnership marketing

Partnership marketing is a program where two or more companies combine products or services to appeal to a larger group of customers. This type of marketing allows companies to share advertising costs.

Product positioning

Product positioning refers to how customers see your company in terms of price, quality, competitors or other factors.

Social media

Social media refers to informational content that is interactive or has high visibility without using traditional media routes. Some examples of social media are blogs, forums, videos, "crowdsourcing," email and social Web sites like MySpace, Facebook and YouTube.


Blogosphere is a term that refers to all the blogs and their interconnections on the Internet. There are companies that track blogs and all of their connections. This allows companies to track their social media in the blogosphere.


KPI, or key performance indicator, includes selected information and measurements that loosely predict how a company will perform in the future. KPIs are used for management and stockholders to evaluate and change products or services.


A demographic is a section of the population that buys a specific product or service. Demographics are used in marketing to identify how companies need to market their products and services.

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