Medical Equipment Rentals Pricing and Costs

Learn the best options for medical equipment rentals pricing and costs

When it comes to medical equipment, rental is best for some businesses. Companies may use medical equipment only sporadically and benefit from renting instead of buying. Industries need medical lab equipment for special projects or research. In some cases, doctors, hospitals and veterinarians need to rent medical equipment when their machines are broken. Hotels and theme parks may offer medical supply services for guests; electric wheelchairs can cost $45 a day. Long-term care facilities may temporarily need special equipment.

Medical equipment rentals pricing and costs depends greatly on the type of equipment desired and the length of rental time that the business needs. Some companies rent pieces of equipment by the day or week and others by the month or year. In some cases, rental companies offer rent-to-own plans. When considering the pricing and cost of medical equipment rental, think about the following options:

1. For short-term use of medical equipment, rent is cheaper by the day or week.

2. When needing to rent medical equipment for lengthier amounts of time, ask for monthly pricing.

3. If you feel that you will need the medical rental equipment in the future, ask about the option of rent-to-own.

Find medical equipment rentals pricing and costs per day or week

When renting equipment for short periods of time, look for companies that offer daily or weekly rentals. Doctors may suggest weekly rentals such as electric wheelchairs to patients for short vacation trips; hotels can facilitate this process. Medical equipment rental by the day or week is the least costly type of rental when considering total dollar amount.

Consider monthly medical device rental plans for lengthier rentals

Businesses benefit from getting monthly rates for lengthier medical supply rentals. If the rental requires longer than a week, ask for a monthly medical rentals rate. Laboratories and pharmacies that temporarily need special medical equipment help the bottom line by renting devices rather than purchasing them. The same is true of long-term care facilities.

Ask for rent-to-own options for medical supply rentals

Some companies choose to rent medical equipment as a trial before making purchases. They want to ensure that the equipment will meet the needs of the business before making the full investment. For these companies, a rent-to-own option is perfect. In most cases the money used for the rental is put toward the cost at the time of purchase. Hospice care companies may be interested in such options.

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