Medical Liability Insurance Basics

Understanding Medical Liability Insurance

Medical liability insurance is professional and personal financial protection for any health care professional at risk of being pursued with personal damage claims due to perceived patient negligence or error. Medical liability insurance covers settlements and financial awards to the plaintiff, which ensures your ability to maintain a practice and keep personal assets protected.

The risk of human fatality within your health care profession and location of your practice dictates the amount of medical liability insurance you carry. The higher the risk of your specialty and location, the more coverage you want to purchase. Each individual state has guidelines for health liability insurance coverage.

1. Medical malpractice insurance provides healthcare provider protection

2. Know guidelines for medical malpractice insurance requirements

3. Be familiar with the process of using medical malpractice insurance

Protect yourself with medical malpractice insurance

When someone perceives substandard patient care, they file a medical malpractice claim for damages, so protect your practice and personal assets with adequate medical malpractice insurance coverage. For this coverage, you pay premiums on a regular basis, so, if you find yourself in a medical malpractice suit, your medical malpractice insurance company takes over the largest financial burden in settlements and awards.

Follow local guidelines for medical malpractice insurance coverage

Most states, hospitals and physician groups require medical liability insurance, and the amount varies according to specialty and location. However, some states have physicians practicing without health care liability insurance. Physicians practicing in medical groups or are employees of a hospital are often covered by medical liability companies that offer group policies, so check with your place of employment for coverage information. If you need medical malpractice insurance, contact local agents or agents licensed in your state for quotes and updated requirement information.

Know whom to contact regarding medical malpractice insurance c

If you receive a summons and complaint of medical malpractice, know your healthcare liability insurance process. Your attorney and insurance company are your advocates and advisers in this situation, and they are the first people to contact upon receipt of a summons and complaint.

  • Shop around to find the most advantageous policy. Medical professional liability insurance is worth the expense.

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