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Improve the way your website works with meta tags

Meta tags are bits of code in the HyperText Markup Language (HTML) code that work behind the scenes, where a website's visitors can't see, to control how search engines and web browsers see and represent that website. Providing information to search engines is one function of meta tags. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of altering the website code to improve the site's ranking in search results.

Important points to remember about meta tags include:

1. Meta tags go in the "head" section of an HTML document. Web-authoring applications often generate meta tags automatically.

2. The title and description meta tags are most important.

3. Search engine spiders don't rely on the keyword meta tag for search engine rankings.

4. Other meta tags have useful functions that have nothing to do with SEO, such as directing specific browsers to use a given piece of code.

Find meta tags information on how meta tags work and the best way to use them

There are a few well-known and frequently-used meta tags, including title, description, keywords and author. But many other meta tags exist for specific situations. Consult a meta tags list to find other meta tags that could be useful for your website.

Get suggestions on which meta tags to use and what content to put in them

Your web-authoring software may generate meta tags for you. If not, use an online meta tag generator to produce the code for your site's meta tags, after you input the pertinent information specific to your website.

Evaluate your website meta tag content

An online meta tag analyzer can tell you whether your metatags contain errors or whether your page title, description and keywords are relevant to your page's content. It can also alert you when you use too many meta tags. SEO suggestions on how to improve your code are another result you will get from a meta tag analyzer.
  • Want to find meta tags that your competition is using on their website? Visit the site and use your browser's text menu to view the page source code to see the HTML code, including meta tags near the beginning of the file.

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