Metal Recycling Equipment

Selecting the right metal recycling equipment

While many think of recycling as "the right thing to do," others realize that recycling is a business, and the metal recycling business is a profitable one. If your business plan includes metal recycling, you'll want to start here to learn about choosing the right metal recycling equipment to set up a scrap metal recycling business.

Selecting equipment for recycling metal requires knowledge of metal recycling in its different forms. For example, if you want to recycle scrap metal, you'll need to learn about scrap metal processing equipment. But if you want to collect soda cans, you'll need to know more about things relating to the aluminum recycling business. Don't get overwhelmed; instead, take a deep breath and start finding answers to the three questions below. With a little leg work you'll find the answers you need to purchase the metal recycling machinery you need.

1. What type of metal recycling business will you run (what kinds of metals will you recycle)?

2. What metal recycling equipment will you need?

3. Where can you get the appropriate metal recycling equipment?

Define the scope of your metal recycling business

Metal recycling machines vary widely, as do recyclable metals. Before you go any further into setting up machines for recycling metal decide what metals your metal recycling business will handle. Think in terms of supply and demand: what types of metal can your metals recycling business sell to remanufacturers? Next, look at a waste composition study for the areas your metal recycling business will service. A waste composition study looks at what types of waste and how much waste a landfill or waste-to-energy facility collects.
United States Environmental Protection Agency has a list of DEPs by state. Compare the metals going into waste facilities with the current market prices for different types of metal. RecycleNet Corporation posts daily updates to market prices paid for recyclable metal. The United States Geological Survey tracks worldwide supply and demand for metals.

Pair metals with metal recycling supplies and equipment

Now that you know which recyclable metals your scrap metal recycling business can collect and how much you can expect remanufacturers to pay for them, you'll need to find scrap metal recycling equipment.

Purchase new or used metal recycling equipment and supplies

Once you work through the first steps, it's time to purchase metal recycling equipment and supplies. You can find a bevy of machines for recycling metal online.
  • Consider membership in a solid waste organization like the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA). Groups like SWANA can help you stay abreast of not only trends in the metal recycling business but wider industry trends and new technology.

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