Military Trade Show Marketing

Use military trade show marketing to increase your company's customer base.

Military trade show marketing takes a different tact than the usual due to a different audience. Military trade show marketing is less about flash and more about results. Military customers require products whose failure can have life or death consequences due to their use on the battlefield. Therefore, the marketing must have a detail-oriented description of how your product or service directly benefits or improves upon the current military situation.

Generating military trade show traffic is delicate balance between results and, in military parlance, "shock and awe". You need to be able to show that your product or service goes beyond the traditional military trade show promotions and benefits troops in the trenches as well. Before you decide on a military trade show marketing tactic, there are few items that deserve consideration:

1. Contact a military trade show sales representative about sponsorship and marketing information.

2. Select the proper military trade show giveaways that will market your product or service.

3. Hire a consultant that understands military trade shows advertising and marketing.

Call a military trade show promotions representative

Military trade shows often offer alternate means of marketing such as sponsorship or guest speaker opportunities for your company. These opportunities go beyond the traditional exhibits and giveaways.

Choose giveaways that have a military trade show marketing theme

Unlike other trade shows, military trade shows require a unique approach to giveaways and promotions to help spread the word about your product or service. Giveaway with a patriotic or athletic theme are two excellent forms of giveaways for military trade shows.

Employ a military trade show marketing expert

With the military audience being such a deviation from a normal trade show crowd, it is prudent to seek the guidance of professionals that operate within this industry.

  • Despite the fact that military tradeshow marketing, is different from your normal trade show. Remember that they are people that will respond to a personal touch. Make a personal connection with your marketing efforts and the business will soon follow.
  • Remember to conduct prompt military tradeshow follow-up calls after obtaining contact information from potential customers. The longer you wait, the more time can erase the memory of your marketing efforts will fade.