Military Vehicles Key Terms

Learn the lingo of military vehicles

There are many types of military vehicles, past and present, used in many industries in addition to the military. Some businesses restore and resell military vehicles, while others provide parts and repair services. Other businesses prefer the unique characteristics of military vehicles compared to civilian vehicles, and use them for business transportation services.

If you're currently involved in any business that deals with military vehicles, or are considering utilizing them for your company, get some clarification on common terms you'll come across.


Amphibious military vehicles can be driven through water, as well as on land.

Army jeep

The military jeep was created in 1940 for the U.S Army by the American Bantam Car Company first, then by Willys and Ford. It was a lightweight, four-wheel drive vehicle used for reconnaissance and other tasks.


The High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), also known as the Humvee, has been in use since 1985. The military used the truck to keep up with quick tanks and to take the place of multiple other older vehicles in use by the Army at the time. It serves many purposes, such as carrying troops or weapons, scouting and serving as an ambulance.


The Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA) is for anyone interested in restoring, collecting, preserving or having anything else to do with military vehicles. The organization conducts parades, educational events and other activities for its members.

Anti-aircraft artillery

Anti-aircraft artillery vehicles refer to transportation vessels that engage hostile aircraft or enforce air space regulations.

Deuce or deuce-and-a-half

These are military trucks in the two-ton or two-and-a-half-ton weight class that can be configured to transport troops, fuel, food and artillery, to name a few. This measurement refers to how much these vehicles can carry, not how much they weigh.

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