Mississippi Public Records Applications and Uses

Learn about the ways that professionals use public records in MS

Mississippi public records applications and uses are becoming more common due to their increasing accessibility through the Internet. Increased access to public records has led to the growth of the information broker industry, which uses public records to build profiles on millions of people and provides information to anyone who pays a fee. Individuals who know where to look also may be able to search public records for free. Access to public records is controlled at the federal level by the Freedom of Information Act and Mississippi has its own version of this legislation.

There are a variety of professionals who may have an interest in MS public records. These include the following three general categories:
  1. Genealogical research on public records for MS. Researchers use older vital records to locate ancestors or other people of historical interest. These records may be available from genealogical societies, public libraries and government agencies.
  2. Background checks. Employers are making more frequent use of criminal records to investigate the personal history of job applicants.
  3. News reports. Reporters and other people with an interest in government activity may wish to access public records on meetings and voting records.

Use a Mississippi records search to research the founders of a business

Mississippi vital records, such as birth certificates, marriage licenses and death certificates, frequently are helpful for getting information about the early owners of a company and researching the history of a business. Vital records in Mississippi become publicly available after a specified period of time and are of genealogical, rather than personal, interest.

Search public records to perform a Mississippi background check

Law enforcement officials, private detectives and prospective employers may use bankruptcy records in Mississippi and criminal records to investigate an individual's background. Access to Mississippi arrest records tends to be more restricted than access to other types of public records, and may require the subject's permission.

Obtain public records in MS for the purpose of reporting on government activity

Reporters frequently use government records in Mississippi, such as voting records and meeting minutes. Access to these types of public records is controlled by Mississippi's Sunshine laws. There are organizations of journalists and ordinary citizens that work to keep government records in Mississippi available to the public.

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