Money Market Funds Advice and Ratings

Learn strategies and tips for choosing and investing in money market funds

Money market mutual funds are some of the lower-risk investing options available, and so are ideal for people new to investing. However, because they do still carry some risk, it's important to compare money market fund rates, find money market funds ranking guides, and search for advice on investing in these funds. You can search a money market directory, or turn to general investing guides for their take on money market investing.

You'll need to educate yourself both on money market funds, and on general investment strategies. Sources of money market funds advice and ratings include:
  1. A money market directory that lists fees and rates.
  2. Money market fund directories that break down funds into easy-to-search categories.
  3. E-mail alerts and newsletters.

Find top money market funds by comparing fees and rates

You'll want to find money market accounts with the lowest fees but best rates, and many sites simplify this for you, by monitoring money market funds across the country. At these sites, you can find out the rates in your area, or search for the best value in money market accounts across the country.

Find money market listings that offer several ways to search for and evaluate funds

Look for websites that break down money market funds into several categories, so you can more quickly compare and evaluate several types of funds, or locate ratings only for the kind of fund you're interested in.

Receive up-to-the minute money market fund account advice with alerts and newsletters

Find websites that offer not only thorough money market guides, ratings and advice, but also newsletters that provide the latest in the money market field.