Montana Corporation and Partnership Law

Understand Montana corporation and partnership law before forming a Montana corporation

Corporation law in Montana gives necessary parameters for Montana incorporation. Montana incorporation takes your business to the next level. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or a business with less than 10 employees, Montana corporate law is there to protect your rights as a business owner.

Montana partnership law serves business owners by providing tax incentives and tax rebates for business expenditures and start up costs. Montana corporation law also protects the employer/employee relationship by helping business owners meet state labor standards.

Montana partnership law meets the needs of small businesses wanting to form partnerships between business owners. Laws protecting the rights of individual partners within a business or firm help a Montana corporation or Montana LLC. Montana LLC law and Montana corporations law will:

1. Provide tax benefits for both small and large businesses by adhering to Montana corporate law.

2. Offer protections only available to corporations and LLCs.

3. Protect your investment through appropriate state licensing and compliance with Montana corporation law.

4. Establish your firm or business as a serious competitor in your field.

Use a web service for incorporating a business in Montana

Corporation companies specialize in handling the documents you need to set up a Montana LLC. Montana LLCs get up and running faster by using companies designed to help business owners understand Montana corporation laws and partnership law. These filing companies do not provide legal services or consultations of any kind, so make sure you understand your articles of incorporation before submitting the appropriate paperwork.

Visit the Montana Secretary of State to set up Montana corporations

Montana, like other states, doesn't require legal representation to set up an LLC. The Montana Secretary of State's office provides documents and fee schedules for business incorporation. Montana business owners need only to do a Montana corporation search, file the appropriate paperwork for their type of corporation and pay the corresponding fees.

Hire an attorney specializing in setting up Montana LLCs and corporations

This is the most expensive way to go when thinking about incorporation, but the advantages of having a professional do the work for you far outweigh the cost. An experienced corporate law attorney helps you understand the language of your incorporation.
  • Determine what type of corporation is right for you. Talk to your advisor or attorney about the different type of corporations available, their functions and which one best suits your business needs.