Muffins Pricing and Costs

Consider the cost of serving muffins at your business

Muffins are a good food to eat for breakfast or as a snack. Most muffins are inexpensive to make. However, these baked goods can expand your client base, especially if you serve healthy muffins or specialty muffins.

When you are preparing to add muffins to your menu, you will have to alter your budget to include the various muffins pricing and costs. Consider the following options to help you accurately prepare the new budget:

1. Add the cost of mix for muffins into your budget.

2. Include the cost of muffin tins in the budget.

3. Plan for the recurring cost of muffin liners.

4. Make an impact by sending corporate muffin baskets to clients and contacts.

Consider the cost of making muffins from a premade mix

For busy bakeries and restaurants, making muffins from scratch using muffin recipes may not be feasible. In this case, using premade mixes for muffins is usually a better option. There are various factors that affect the price you will pay for muffin mix. These include the type of muffins you need, the size of the package and the type of mix. For example, muffin mix that requires only water to be added is usually more expensive than muffin mix that requires other ingredients to be added.

Factor in the cost of tins to bake muffins

Whether you are making pumpkin muffins or blueberry muffins, you will need muffin tins. The price you pay for the muffin tins depends on the material the tin is made out of and the number of muffins the pan can make, as well as any additional features you desire, such as covers for the tins.

Remember to include money in the budget for liners for the muffins

When baking muffins, you can either use a non-stick spray or you can use muffin liners. For most businesses, muffin liners are a more sanitary option. The price you pay for these liners depends on whether they are plain or decorative. It also depends on the material the liner is made of. For example, foil liners are usually more expensive than paper.

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