Music Booking Agents Key Terms

Learn music booking agents key terms to establish yourself professionally

Since a music booking agent, also called a talent agent, is responsible for arranging live performances and finding other opportunities for a musician's employment, it's important to know and understand music booking agents key terms. This knowledge helps you represent your clients in the best possible manner.

Knowing music booking agents key terms shows your professionalism as you match venues with clients. It also helps you communicate your ideas with other professionals in the industry.


This term refers to a musical, physical or theatrical performance that is live. A music booking agent arranges gigs for a musical performer or group.


This term refers to a particular place where an event takes place. This could be a large gathering, such as in a sports stadium, or a private locale. Music booking agents arrange working opportunities for musicians at organized gatherings like venues.


Music booking agents are responsible for booking performances for musicians. This means that they arrange for employment between the musician and a specific venue.


A playbook is a useful tool when it comes to tour booking for a music booking agent. The agent playbook is a notebook or file that contains descriptions of tour plans and information on various venues.


This term refers to a specialized market. Music booking agents keep track of musical venues and line up musicians accordingly, whether it's a jazz festival, concert for children or country fair.


A music booking agent might find it beneficial to develop a strong network. This is a wide web of human resources including professionals in the field, as well as clients and venues. Agents use networks to get behind-the-scenes information to make business connections.