Office Chair Casters and Wheels Pricing and Costs

Get office chair wheels for any purpose at the price you need

Wheels for office chairs come in a wide variety of materials and styles for use with any office decor or function. Because casters for office chairs are submitted to a great deal of wear and tear, replacement casters for office chairs are often needed to keep your chairs rolling. When purchasing replacements, you can either elect to order a single office chair caster for up to $20, or to get a whole set of new casters at a lower per-caster rate.

When buying chair casters, you can utilize a number of options to save money. Buying multiple casters, even if you only need to replace a single office chair wheel, allows you to capitalize on the lower rate with sets of 4 or 5 casters. Remember to check that the caster you order is compatible with your chair model.

As you browse office chair casters and wheels pricing and costs, consider the following options:
  1. Purchase individual chair casters to spend less on a single replacement;
  2. Buy office chair caster sets to pay less per wheel;
  3. Pay more for specialty casters for unique surfaces and styles.

Pay less on wheels for office chairs when you need a limited quantity

A common way to purchase replacement wheels for office chairs is individually to fit the chair model. Purchasing single casters, which average about $10 per wheel when bought individually, is the lowest cost available for replacement wheels and is the most economical choice if you only need a single replacement.

Save on unit price when you buy a set of office chair wheels

Office chair wheels are commonly sold in replacement sets to replace an entire matching set of wheels. Caster sets vary in price depending on the quality of the materials used, ranging from $20 to $60 for 4 to 5 wheels. If you have a number of chairs in your office that use the same caster, you can save on individual casters by buying a set when you need to replace a wheel on several different chairs.

Consider premium wheels when estimating office chair casters and wheels pricing and costs

Rubber office chair casters are a popular premium option for use on a range of office floor types, and provide a comfortable and durable alternative to plastic or aluminum. Rubber wheels tend to be priced higher per unit than standard office chair casters, although they typically need to be replaced less often.

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