Office Cleaning Pricing and Costs

Understand the range you can expect to pay for an office cleaning provider

Once your business grows beyond a certain size, it's no longer feasible to complete your own office cleaning, or to ask your employees to do it in addition to their own duties. When your business grows to that size, it is time for you to hire an office cleaning provider to ensure that your business maintains a safe and healthy working environment.

Office cleaning can be a relatively minor business cost, or it can add up to thousands of dollars a month--all depending upon what cleaning you need done. When you're examining office cleaning pricing and costs:

1. Determine the office cleaning tasks you must have performed and get an idea of their cost range.

2. Seek out free quotes so you can get the best price on office cleaning.

3. Expect to pay more if you want to use an eco-friendly office cleaning provider.

Understand the range of office cleaning pricing and costs for what you need done

Office cleaning pricing and costs vary widely depending upon the exact nature of the cleaning job. A good practice is to create an office cleaning list that includes all cleaning duties that must be completed and also all cleaning duties that would be nice to have, but not necessary. Then, determine how much you can budget for office cleaning, and explore the range of prices for those services.

Request quotes for office cleaning

You can get office cleaning information from reputable, pre-screened companies by submitting a free pricing quote request through several websites. Not only can you quickly compare quotes this way, but these quote request sites allow you to more easily find office cleaning that meets your exact specifications.

Seek out a green office cleaning provider

If you prefer to work with an eco-friendly office cleaning provider, you can browse through an online office cleaning directory, or simply choose an individual company through a web search. Companies that use eco-friendly products and methods will charge more for their services, because the products they use are more expensive.
  • If you hire an individual office cleaning provider, he or she may expect a tip in addition to the wages you've agreed upon, so you should factor in this extra cost. However, when you hire an office cleaning company, tips are not expected.