Guides & Articles on Locks and Safes

In-Room Safes

Provide your guests peace of mind with quality in-room safes

As modern society becomes more and more technological, historically overlooked security options such as hotel in-room safes have become a necessity. Though many hi-tech gadgets, such as cell phones and PDAs, barely leave a person's side, many also bring high ticket technological supplies such as laptops that may not leave the room. This is on top of the more traditional...

Locksmith Services

Use only locksmiths that are qualified, reliable, licensed, insured and bonded

All locksmith services are dreams come true. Some give you blissfully sweet dreams, while others supply wickedly horrific nightmares. One of the nightmare locksmiths worked in Arizona. He used his knowledge and passkeys to burglarize storage lockers. Another nightmare is the locksmith in Utah who guarantees his work, but doesn't show up to repair problems even after repeated...

Office Safes

Safeguard cash, inventory and data against fire or theft

Most business safes protect your valuables from either fire or burglary, though you have to look harder to find one that does both. They come in all sizes and varieties from small cash boxes to major wall vaults and can accommodate everything from inventory to valuable papers and cash. Here are four key steps to take before purchasing an office safe: Decide if your top priority...