Ohio Continuing Legal Education

Continuing legal education in Ohio for the bench and bar

Ohio continuing legal education (CLE) credits have become easier to receive with advances in technology. You no longer have to travel across the entire state of Ohio in order to fulfill your CLE requirements, because there is a plethora of opportunities available at your fingertips.

When it's time for you to sign up for your next continuing legal education seminars in Ohio, consider taking advantage of the many choices of affordable online CLE options in Ohio. And, in addition to receiving your Ohio CLE required credits, you can achieve the following:

1. Networking with fellow members of the legal community.

2. Staying up to date concerning changes in the law.

3. Improving your productivity in the administration of justice through technological advancements and attending Ohio CLE classes.

Learn the requirements for Ohio continuing legal education

In a two-year period, attorneys must complete 24 hours of Ohio CLE courses and full-time judges must complete 40 hours. Know the minimum standards concerning which continuing legal education topics are required.

Participate in Ohio CLE courses through local bar associations

There may be legal issues that are specific to your jurisdiction. County and regional bar associations host such events as Law Day, which can focus on themes or topics related to that area. Such events can also include vendor presentations and court-specific technology training, all of which can be approved for Ohio continuing legal education credits and some may be free to their members.

Complete the necessary Ohio CLE courses

Because your time may be limited with heavy court dockets and/or client meetings, take advantage of Ohio CLE online courses that you can work on during that rare downtime or lunch hour. You can view live or pre-recorded webcasts or download audio files to your MP3 player to listen to between appointments.
  • The Supreme Court of Ohio Judicial College offers a variety of courses throughout the year for judges, magistrates and court personnel. These courses are free and meet the requirements for continuing legal education in Ohio.
  • Opportunities for CLE credits are available to persons who organize and present courses approved through the Supreme Court.