Ohio Contract Law News and Trends

Build your law practice by keeping informed on news of contract laws in Ohio

Attorneys in Ohio have good reason to stay informed on Ohio contract law news and trends. Attorneys need to keep track of current forms and procedures in Ohio contract law. A court can also make a new ruling in cases involving contract law, which can affect the way these attorneys do their jobs. Attorneys also may need to stay updated on what the public is saying about contract law, in order to correct any misconceptions they may have.

The best sources of information on news and trends for Ohio law contracts may be grouped into the following three categories:
  1. Government websites on contract law in the state of Ohio. These sites are the best source of official news on Ohio contract law, such as current procedures or rulings.
  2. Independent sources of news on Ohio contract laws, such as blogs, magazines and newspapers. These sources are the most likely to provide news and opinions on contract law that do not rely on any particular business or lobby group.
  3. Contract law attorneys. Legal professionals may be able to provide inside news and information on contract law.

Find state websites with official news and other information on an Ohio law contract

Ohio government websites are the best places to get the latest news about Ohio contract law. An Ohio government website also may publish the state statutes to help attorneys stay informed on the latest legislation that relates to Ohio contract law.
Ohio Ethics Commission provides a recent advisory opinion on matter of public contract law in Ohio. The Supreme Court of Ohio has issued a recent ruling that directly impacts the enforceability of a contract in Ohio.

Examine independent sources of news and trends on Ohio contract law

Universities, law libraries and other organizations frequently report on recent court cases and legislative updates on Ohio contract law. Individuals also may keep blogs and journals on contract law in Ohio.
Cornell University Law School has detailed information on a contract law case that was decided in the Southern District of Ohio. The Cincinnati Law Library Association has a summary of recent decisions in Ohio that involve contract law.

Find inside news on contract law from Ohio contract law firms

Ohio contract law attorneys frequently have information on Ohio law that is not available elsewhere. These attorneys may publish newsletters or full length articles on a particular aspect of contract law in Ohio.
Ohio State Bar Association provides a current guide to Ohio laws for the general public, including a chapter on contracts. Dunlevy, Mahan & Furry offers an article on a recent decision involving contract law in Ohio.
  • Ohio contract laws specify the conditions under which a contract may be enforceable. Generally, a valid contract between party A and party B requires that party A gives something of value to party B, and party B must give something of value to party A. The two parties also must agree on the items of value. Contracts made under duress or coercion are generally unenforceable.

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