Oil and Gas Industry Research and Development Education and Training

Become an oil and gas research expert

Do you need to perform oil and gas research? You’re not a scientist or engineer, but your job requires you to be knowledgeable about developments in this industry. There are many driving forces that affect the oil research and development sector.

One of the major forces is the government. For example, you have to make sure that you’re complying with federal and state laws. Get oil and gas industry research and development education and training by doing the following:

1. Become knowledgeable about the industry by taking oil and gas industry research courses.

2. Understand technology development oil industry by studying research reports.

3. Learn about the research in oil and gas industry through associations.

Understand the industry by taking oil research and development courses

Learn how technology has helped to reduce costs in oil and gas industry research and development. It has helped companies to become more efficient when searching and drilling for oil. Instructors will teach you how technologies, such as multilateral drilling and synthetic drilling muds, have yielded high returns for finding oil. At the same time, technology has done little harm to the environment.

Learn about oil and gas industry statistics through research reports

Study research reports to understand what are the driving forces that impact oil industry research and development. One of these driving forces is environmental laws. You'll want to read about the forecasts on the research and development in the oil industry. Research reports can break this information down by region or country.

Become familiar with oil and gas research via associations

Associations can provide a wealth of oil and gas industry research and development education and training. You already know how natural gas is formed; now learn new ways to find it and how to drill for it. If you're thinking about majoring in geology or petroleum engineering, consult with members of the oil and gas association. They can recommend schools you should attend or courses you should take.

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