Oil and Gas Jobs

How to find oil and gas industry jobs

With the rising costs and of oil and gas, the increased demand for oil and gas worldwide and the soaring profits of oil and gas companies, it's a great time to look for oil and gas jobs.

If you have a background in the geological sciences, geophysics, reservoir engineering, petrophysics, hydrology or facilities engineering, energy jobs may fit in well with your career goals.

Ways to look for jobs in the oil industry or careers in the gas industry include:

1. Through professional organizations.

2. In newspaper listings from cities with thriving energy industries.

3. In online listings of jobs in the oil and gas industry.

Look for energy careers through professional organizations

Many professional organizations provide job postings for both members and non-members alike.

Locate jobs posted on oil and gas company websites

If you want to find a career in the energy industry, view the websites of oil and gas companies. Many oil and gas companies have job descriptions on their websites as well as online applications.

Browse newspapers from cities with thriving energy industries

As you search for both natural gas jobs and oil jobs, you will find energy companies clustered in certain cities throughout the United States. The major newspapers in these cities often contain ads of available oil industry jobs.

Find available oil and gas jobs in online oil and gas job directories

With the thriving oil and gas industry, you can now find job search engines that cater to those looking for oil and gas industry jobs. At these sites, you can enter in pertinent information such as the job type desired, your education and experience levels and preferred job location.
  • Consider using a recruiter to help you find oil and gas jobs. A recruiter may have contacts with companies in the energy industry and can possibly find you job opportunities before they post to the general public.
  • Don't discount looking at smaller oil and gas companies when looking for jobs in the energy industry. If you are an experienced hire, smaller companies will likely have an interest in you because they may not want to have to extensively train their new hires.