Oil and Gas Management Consultants Key Terms

Learn to "talk the talk" with oil and gas industry terminology under your belt

If your business needs to tap into the expertise offered by oil and gas management consultants, it is beneficial to learn a bit about the industry so you can "talk the talk" when interviewing and negotiating a contract. All companies contain industry-specific jargon, and oil and gas is no exception. The oil and gas management consultants key terms below should help bring you up to speed.

Certificate of Management in Energy

The Certificate of Management in Energy program offered by Rice University and Ernst & Young is a well-known program that counts as its graduates many oil and gas management consultants. A certification in energy management is a credential worth demanding from any energy consultant your business interviews.
Rice University's website provides detailed information about their Certificate of Management in Energy program.

Completion engineering

Completion engineers design and implement techniques to help maximize the production of oil and gas using completion techniques. These engineers are experts in determining the best way to extract oil from an area, given the nature or type of the well or reservoir. Oil and gas management consultants will often interface with completion engineering companies.
Chevron's website provides many details about a career in completion engineering.

Reservoir management

Reservoir management is used to manage new oil and gas field development, or to revive life into older ones. Oil and gas consultants work with reservoir management experts to use remote sensors and simulation modeling. Techniques like these have been shown to maximize the amount of oil and gas retrieved from a field.
Touch Briefings' article entitled "Realtime Reservoir Management for Achieving Asset Value" will provide you with a better understanding of the value of reservoir management.

Oil and gas assets

Many companies need the services of an oil and gas management consultant in order to buy or sell a company in the industry. An analysis of a company's oil and gas assets must be completed before it can be sold. An oil and gas assets listing is similar to a business valuation report in that it analyzes everything about a company and lists it for all to see.
Details of the Vermilion Energy Trust Oil and Gas Assets Report appeared on RedOrbit when the company was for sale.

Alliance-Partners of Oil Advisers

The Alliance-Partners of Oil Advisers is an informal association of sorts, with many oil and gas management consultants and managers among its ranks.
Oil Advisers explains the Alliance-Partners group in detail.

Field development planning

One of the core competencies of many oil and gas consultants is field development planning. Consultants with this expertise will assist in maximizing a potential oil or gas revenue opportunity via risk analysis, an appraisal process that includes reservoir modelling, in addition to other analyses and calculations.
RP Perth Western Australia specializes in field development planning and, as such, provides an excellent explanation of the key term on its website.

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