Oklahoma Labor and Employment Law Education and Training

Train your human resources staff to know how to comply with Oklahoma working laws

Labor laws in Oklahoma require human resource professionals to develop many different competencies. They must comply with federal laws that prohibit discrimination in hiring new employees, create harassment-free work environments, know how to verify new hires' legal status and understand how immigration laws are impacting hiring practices and employee management, to name just a few, will need to know how to avoid situations that could give rise to complaints of employment discrimination by your company's employees and how to respond to such a complaint should that be necessary.

Fortunately, sources for Oklahoma work laws are easy to find. As a human resources manager or support staff member, it will become your duty to make informed decisions that will influence your employees; you need to make decisions that reveal you are knowledgeable about Oklahoma non-discrimination employment policies. Get smart about your Oklahoma labor and employment law education and training by following a few easy steps:

1. Rely on Oklahoma labor law statutes identified on official government websites.

2. Stay informed of Oklahoma working laws with newsletters and commentaries that practicing attorneys publish.

3. Get the inside story on labor laws in Oklahoma by tracking blogs where employment law professionals discuss their work.

Access educational information from government websites about Oklahoma employment laws

When providing a solid foundation for your employees' education on Oklahoma labor laws, you should first seek to teach them how to locate state child labor laws or know the intricacies of workers' compensation regulations in Oklahoma.
Department of Labor explains the state's workers' compensation services and employment wage standards. Study the answers to frequently asked questions regarding complaints based on workplace discrimination that are posted on the Oklahoma Human Rights Commission's website.

Educate your team using legal updates provided by practicing law firms labor laws of Oklahoma

No educational program would be complete without teaching your staff how to check out the kinds of cases Oklahoma employment lawyers handle on a daily basis. This helps them identify key issues. These legal updates also provide ready access to case law that helps to interpret Oklahoma statutory law.

Use information from blogs about Oklahoma labor laws for education

Enhance any educational endeavor by emphasizing the timeliness of these laws. Employment law in Oklahoma, as in every other state, is subject to change when public opinion reacts to a crisis or other issues of general concern. Blogs are where employment lawyers go to offer their own interpretations of recent court opinions and where employees go to "vent" or share a personal experience about Oklahoma labor laws.
  • Your Oklahoma labor and employment law education and training program should assist you in learning the four types of verification systems that businesses use to confirm the legal status of new hires.