Oklahoma Public Records Basics

Find Oklahoma public records online to use for background checks and more

Use Oklahoma state public records in potential employee background checks or to check on clients or your own public information. Criminal records, driving records, land records, vital records and more are all available through either the state or the respected county in which the information was filed.

Not all OK public records are available online or free of charge, but the state's public records website can help you find where to start your search and explain which records are public. When searching for records, you should remember:

  1. Oklahoma court records can be accessed in an online database.
  2. Driving and vehicle record information is available online for some people.
  3. Vital information such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage or divorce decrees can be found online.
Your business's employment screening software can make it easy to search online records databases for information regarding your potential new hire. If screening employees through a public records search is too time- and labor-intensive for your small business, you can outsource the process to a third-party employee screening consultant.

Search Oklahoma criminal records online


When it comes to court public records, Oklahoma allows online access through a state-wide courts website. The website allows users to search specific county court records, the appellate court records or statewide court documents. In order to search, you'll need either a first and last name or case number. Searching criminal records for employment screening purposes may be required by your industry, especially if the employee will be working with vulnerable groups such as the sick or the elderly.

Find driver information through Oklahoma public record information


Oklahoma public records basics include driving records. Whether you are searching driving records to assure your employees meet certain standards, or you need to verify a potential client's driving background, records are available. You must submit a record request in writing and pay a record fee to get any driving records.

Start your search for Oklahoma vital records online


Whether you need to verify a birth or death, or would like a copy of a marriage or divorce decree, the state of Oklahoma website can help you start your search. With no online database, you must request records for all types. You can get birth or death certificates directly from the state's Department of Health, but marriage or divorce records are only kept at the county level.

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