Organizational Development Outsourcing

Guide your company through transitions by outsourcing organization development tasks

If you're guiding your company through a major transition, or planning an overhaul of its procedures, organizational development outsourcing can help simplify the process and make it more effective. Reorganizing a company requires long-term planning and the cooperation of a large group of people with diverse and possibly conflicting interests. Organizational outsourcing helps you save money and time, while drawing on the knowledge of experts who have been through the process many times.

Whether you're a small business or a national company with multiple offices, outsourcing organizational development may be the only way to successfully navigate through such a large-scale change in your organization. There are several times during the life of your company that you may need organization management outsourcing:
  1. When you're just starting your company
  2. When your company is merging with another or has been acquired
  3. When new leadership takes over, and you need an organizational development consultant to act as a neutral third party
  4. When you need to overhaul your procedures to improve productivity, cut costs or enhance worker safety or product quality

Narrow your search for organizational development firms by setting specific criteria

When researching organizational management firms, a good place to start is finding consultants in or near your city, or that specialize in your industry. Also, look for companies that belong to their professional association -- they'll likely have considerable experience, and be well-trained and possibly certified. They may also have had to meet specific eligibility requirements to be accepted into the organization.

Before you hire an organizational development company, look at the client list

An organizational development's firm client list may tell you everything you need to know to make a decision. You can determine if they've ever worked with companies of your size or within your industry, for example, and if they're national, international or serve only a small region such as a certain city or state. And, if they've consulted for many high-profile or national companies, they may be one of the leading firms in the industry.

Learn about organizational development services before you outsource

Even if you're hiring an organizational development consultant, understanding how organizational development works allows you to play a more active role in the process. You can more accurately explain to the consultant what your goals are and provide the necessary leadership to your staff during the transition. And, you'll be better equipped to evaluate the progress of your organizational development efforts and make changes if needed.

  • If you're a small company, don't be intimidated by the expense of business development outsourcing. If you have limited financial resources, you may think you can't afford to hire a consultant, choosing instead to appoint existing staff members to oversee the task. But this could place a strain on your human resources, which is an even greater cost than any financial expenditure.