Ozone Generators Key Terms

Understand ozone generator key terms to make smarter choices

Today, ozone generators (often known as ozone makers) have a wide range of applications, ranging from air or water purifiers to spas or saunas. Whether you want to use ozone generators for commercial or domestic applications, you need to be conversant with certain key terms that you will hear from the manufacturers or suppliers. This guide explains some of the common terms associated with ozone generators, such as ozone, ozonation, ground-level ozone, ozone half-life and effective ozone dose.


Ozone is a chemical with the formula O3. It consists of three atoms of oxygen, making it an unstable and highly reactive gas. It is a powerful oxidizing agent with the unique ability to disinfect water streams contaminated with microbes at very low concentrations.
 Environmental Protection Agency. 

Ozone generators

Ozone generators are devices that generate highly reactive ozone molecules. The ozone gas that these machines produce has many applications, both commercial and private. Ozone generators are designed to efficiently produce a high ozone concentration while consuming very little energy.
Connecticut Department of Public Health for detailed information about ozone generators.


Ozonation is a water-treatment process that destroys bacteria and other microbes through an infusion of ozone.
Mountain Empire Community College.

Ground-level ozone

Ground-level ozone is the ozone (in the air) present near the Earth's surface. It is often referred to as tropospheric ozone.

Effective ozone dose

The effective ozone dose is the exact measure of ozone you need to dissolve in water in order to purify it.

Ozone half-life

Half-life is an important parameter in many ozone applications. The half-life is the amount of time that ozone requires to decompose, such that only half of the original ozone remains in the system.
 for information regarding ozone half life.

Ozone exposure

While working with ozone applications, you will have to be extremely cautious of ozone exposure, since prolonged exposure to ozone can lead to several health hazards.