Packing Peanuts Types and Styles

Buy bags of packing peanuts to keep your shipments safe from damage

Loose-fill packaging materials a.k.a. packing peanuts have been used to ship materials for decades. Introduced in the 1960s by Dow Chemical, these polystyrene shells were shaped to interlock when compressed. Packing peanuts are traditionally white, but green and pink peanuts have also been used, and the color differences show different levels of resin and anti-stat added. Common shapes are the "S" for the STOROpack PelaSpan brand and the "W" for the RAPAC WingPac brand packing peanuts.

Biodegradable packing peanuts have also become popular. They are a starch based product, and because they are so, they are edible. Benefits include no electrostatic charge and the fact that they are nontoxic. Downsides, though, include that they are lower resilience, higher weight, dustier and more expensive. Because they are edible, they can also attract rodents and bugs.

To find out more about packing peanuts types and styles:

1. Buy polystyrene bags of styrofoam packing peanuts. The manufacturer of the polystyrene peanut will be identifiable by the color and shape of the particular peanut.

2. Go with "Figure 8" bags of packer peanuts for delicate shipping.

3. Consider biodegradable packaging peanuts as an eco-friendly alternative. Be prepared to pay a higher price, though.

Purchase polystyrene bags of packing peanuts

Polystyrene industrial packing peanuts are the most commonly known packing peanuts that are not biodegradable. If these are chosen for your packaging needs, consider implementing a reuse or recycling program to go along with their use.

Think about "Figure 8" bags of packer peanuts for more delicate jobs

Go with the "Figure 8" design to give you more shock absorption for delicate products and packing. "Figure 8" packing peanuts can develop a static charge, though. Larger items tend to settle towards the bottom of the box in these shipments.

Go with recyclable bags of packaging peanuts

Consider recyclable packing peanuts types and styles to be more socially responsible with your business shipping decisions.

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