Paper Folding Equipment

How to select a paper folder suited for your office.

Paper folders save businesses money and increase productivity. On average, one paper folder can fold more in one hour than multiple employees. They are a necessity for any business or organization that distributes correspondence, newsletters, flyers, statements or magazines. To select the paper folder that is best suited for your office you'll need to:
  1. Know the different types of paper folders.
  2. Know the different features available to benefit your business or organization.
  3. Know how to determine a cost-effective and appropriate machine for your business

Acquaint yourself with the different types and styles of paper folders.

Paper folders feed sheets using friction or suction. Friction-fed paper folders use hard rubber wheels and suction-fed use a layer of forced air to distribute the paper through the folder. Friction folders are best suited for standard office paper, but will tear through glossy or heavy gauge paper stock. Air-fed folders can accommodate all paper stocks. There are also manual folders, that require fold plate settings to be placed by hand, and automatic folders that electronically adjust the fold plates.

How often will you use the paper folder?

Usage should always be a consideration when purchasing paper folder or any kind of office equipment. There are folders designed for folding one or two letters that fit on desktops. There are other paper folders large, require its own table or stand, and can fold thousands of pages per minute.

Consider additional features.

If you have a high volume of correspondence, invoices or statements to mail out, then it would be prudent to consider a paper folder that also features an automatic envelope inserter, or pressure sealer. They cost more, but savings are made up in increased productivity and labor costs.
  • Note the paper folder’s recommended use per day, or Duty Cycle. Even though a folder advertises a fold speed of 22,000 sheets per hour doesn’t mean it should be used to fold 176,000 sheets in eight straight hours. Continuous operation of a paper folder causes parts to wear faster, diminishes its efficiency and drastically reduces the life of the machine.
  • Paper folders range in price from $91 for a personal desktop model to $62,995 for an industrial size folder/inserter/sealer. Be sure to select a folder that meets your needs so you either don’t spend too much money on too much machine, or wear out the machine prematurely.
  • Regularly maintain the paper folder’s mechanical gears. Consistent maintenance will enable the machine to last longer, getting the most out of your investment.
  • Paper folders have four standard folds and several customizable folds, depending on the model. The four standard folds will accommodate most folding requirements, but learning how to customize the fold settings will enable you to get the most from your machine.

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