Obtain pay stubs for your company using a variety of options

Every business needs a way to record the amount of money employees receive on payday, which is why payslips are crucial to your company. They also display how much tax and insurance has been deducted from each check. Whether your business is large or small, as long as you have one or more employees, you need pay stubs.

In this day and age, it is not surprising that there are many options when it comes to obtaining payslips for your company. Choose among the following ideas:

  1. Find a free online pay stub template to print out. 
  2. Create paystubs on your computer using existing software.
  3. Purchase payroll software to create your own payslips.


Print out a pay stub template online


If you want a simple format, you can often find templates of blank pay stubs for free or very cheap online. This option does not provide much room for creativity, but it is free and simple. For these reasons, it is a popular route to take, as you simply have to supply the paper to print out your new payslips.

Use general office programs to create business payslips


Whether you want to create and print out blank payslips to fill in with pen later, or just want to type all the information into the payslip immediately, you can use well-known programs to do so. Nearly everyone has Microsoft Excel, and many computer users also have small business programs installed on their work computers, as well. Whether you are PC or Mac user, there are a few popular simple solutions available when you want to make your own payslips.

Use payslip software to develop your own pay stubs


If you want to update the way you handle payroll in general, you can purchase a program specifically designed to perform such functions. Most programs that allow you to create your own pay stubs also come with complete payroll systems, so be sure that you need such a system prior to purchasing one.

  • Many websites allow you to download either a free copy of an older program used to create payslips, or try out a free demo before purchasing the software. Take advantage of such offers before spending money on a program that might not work for you.
  • You can outsource payslip printing through your payroll services provider.

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