PCB Assembly Equipment Pricing and Costs

Lower manufacturing expenses with PCB assembly equipment pricing and costs

A printed circuit board machine is an integral part of any technology manufacturing company. The printed circuit board equipment is subject to a variety of testing conditions from extreme heat to cold. Therefore, to choose the correct PCB assembly equipment pricing and costs structure, you'll need to know the process the equipment uses to assemble the boards. Most all PCB equipment uses the process of solder paste, pick and place, soldering, inspection testing and feedback. In the highly competitive PCB manufacturing industry, you need the highest production quality possible for the machine without sacrificing quality.

When pricing a printed circuit board machine assembly you need to take quality and reliability into account. After all, if the assembly produces sub-par printed circuit boards you won't be viable as a business for very long. Consequently, the pricing and costs is but one factor in purchase decision, albeit a significant one. If you’re a small business you may only have one opportunity to obtain reliable printed circuit board assembly equipment.

1. Review the various PCB assembly machine services and information.

2. Obtain an online pricing quote for a PCB manufacturing machine assembly.

3. Evaluate the used PCB equipment sales and leasing data.

Examine the PCB assembling equipment services and data

In order to choose the correct pricing and cost of any product, you'll need to know the various service and equipment options available. Then, match the service and equipment to the needs of your company. This match may sound easier than it is because lower costs don't always equate to the correct purchase decision.
Brookhaven National Laboratory both have articles on the PCB assembly process that'll help you choose the machine in the proper price range.

Request an online quote for PCB assembling equipment

Most companies will not provide a price for any PCB equipment without a request because of the different components and services that factor into the final invoice. Therefore, you really can't establish a reliable price range for this product. Another factor is that you rarely, if ever, purchase one PCB assembly machine. The closest price range is cost per square foot but that will depend on the size of the machine.

Assess the used PCB assembly equipment available for purchase

If you have the resources to make repairs to used PCB assembly equipment, then this can be a viable cost saving option. However, because they usually don't come with a reliable service contract you must have the in-house expertise to provide maintenance and upkeep.