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Set your company up for success with performance appraisal information resources key terms

For companies with an annual review, both managers and employees may find themselves in a sweat as the time approaches. One way to help calm these pre-review worries is to organize your performance appraisal information with resources and key terms. You may want to look at your company's method for approaching a review, or you may want to consider whether your managers are compliant with state and federal laws. You may also find that it's important to ensure your managers use constructive criticism during all reviews.

Annual performance review

Most companies work on an annual performance basis, which means the review occurs once a year. The most successful reviews are ones in which both the management and employee have prepared for the review in advance.


Legalities is a term referring to the need for a company to be in compliance with state and federal laws. During a performance review, it is critical for managers to follow proper legalities, which include avoiding discrimination of any type.

Peer review performance appraisal

A peer review performance appraisal is a part of an annual performance review in which co-workers perform part of the analysis. Some companies believe that peers will provide a more accurate portrayal of a co-worker's contributions, or lack-thereof, to the company, because they see how the co-worker performs on a daily basis.

360 degree performance review

360 degree performance reviews offer managers performance information from a variety of sources in order to provide a complete picture of an employee's performance. These reviews can include self evaluations, peer reviews, supervisor reviews and manager reviews.

Constructive criticism

Constructive criticism is a method that managers can use to present negative information in a non-threatening way. Constructive criticism seeks to provide the employee with information detailing how the employee can improve performance to be more in line with the company's expectations.
Oregon State University offers resources for using constructive criticism, which you can apply to performance appraisal information.

Standard evaluation

A standard evaluation is a method through which you ensure that all employees receive equal and fair treatment for the review.
The University of Texas offers information for using a standard form to complete performance reviews. It offers examples of different types of forms you can use.

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