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The popularity of personal digital assistants, or PDAs, to handle personal information from remote places is on the rise as leaders in many industries and fields take up these handy digital tools to stay connected while commuting or out on the road. The PDA represents one of America's essential communication tools in the new high-tech economy.

Buyers and users of PDAs will want to stay in the know about what's happening in the personal digital organizer sector. Readers of news on PDA devices will want to know:

1. What are the newest personal data assistants and handheld computers on the market and how they compete.

2. How other businesses use PDAs in specific industries for specialized tasks.

3. What may be on the horizon for cutting edge PDA technology.

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One source for the latest in PDA news is an online newsletter. Check out the offerings of groups that keep a finger on the pulse of the PDA industry, and see what's going on with emerging devices and trends.

Get industry specific news on personal data assistants

Some users will want to tailor their news sources to the field they work in. Medical PDA use, for example, is often different from how personal digital assistants are used in business. Find personal data assistants news sources based on your profession or type of business.

Get more broad spectrum news on PDAs

For more in ongoing news about what kinds of electronic organizers are in use today and what may be coming for users of PDAs, look to other websites that continually cover PDA models and other new technology.

  • When you're looking for personal data assistants and similar devices, don't overlook the looming threat of obsolescence. Buy just what's needed for your company and be happy with it, but don't flock to the "cutting edge" thinking your new devices will stay on the forefront of technology forever. These kinds of devices change rapidly; take steps to make sure you will be satisfied with what you're using long-term.

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