Pharmaceutical Colleges and Universities Basics

Pharmaceutical colleges and universities basics help you obtain the degree you need

Accredited pharmaceutical colleges offer top-notch educational opportunities for students interested in the pharmacy field. As the medical industry continues to grow, the pharmaceutical industry grows with it. Students interested in taking pharmaceutical courses, whether at a pharmacy college or an online pharmacy school, have numerous job opportunities after graduation.

A pharmacy degree may take two to four years, or you may need to enroll in a six-year program with a residency. The route you choose depends on the pharmaceutical degree you want. You can obtain a pharmaceutical degree on many different levels. Consider:

1. A professional degree when you complete a college program in pharmacy.

2. A master’s degree when you complete curriculum from colleges of pharmacy.

3. A doctor of pharmacy degree when you complete all of your training.

Consider a pre-pharmacy degree through pharmaceutical universities

Just out of high school or looking for a career change later in life could mean you start from scratch on your college credits. Students interested in a pharmaceutical degree can start from the beginning with a pre-pharmacy degree.
Florida A&M University College of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences offers a pre-pharmacy program, but students must meet all minimum requirements to gain accepted into the program.

Work towards a graduate degree at the pharmacy college of your choice

After you receive a Bachelor's degree, consider furthering your education and obtaining a graduate degree. A graduate degree allows you to pursue studies in many areas of pharmaceuticals, including pharmacology, pharmaceutics, medicinal chemistry and pharmacy administration.
Butler University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences combines pharmacy courses with business courses for a well-rounded education. The Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Duquesne University Mylan School of Pharmacy offers valuable research opportunities for graduate students.

Earn a doctor of pharmacy degree from a pharmacy university

Only students with a doctor of pharmacy degree qualify for some of the most elusive, and lucrative, pharmaceutical jobs on the market. It takes time and money to complete the program, but many students feel the benefits are worth it. Some doctor of pharmacy degree programs allow you to work with patients as well as legislators and other pharmacy professionals.
Idaho State University College of Pharmacy or the Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy. Both websites provide general information about admission requirements and curriculum for the respective program.
  • Pharmacy schools aren't available at every college and university. Call ahead to find colleges with pharmaceutical programs before you submit your application.

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