Pickles Pricing and Costs

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Pickles pricing and costs are for the most part reasonable across the board. National brands, like Heinz, stand beside gourmet pickle companies without huge cost differences. Pickle distributors and retailers often offer customers both consumer products meant for grocery stores and commercial pickle options for restaurants and other food service venues.

Gourmet pickles are not as expensive as you might think, and they could satisfy a market segment in your area. When buying pickled products, you should consider the following:

1. Decide which gourmet pickle tastes best.

2. Stock your store shelves with well recognized pickle manufacturers.

3. Compare prices among big pickle companies and gourmet pickles makers.

Find a pickle company that tastes right to you and your customers

The great thing about working with pickle manufacturers is that you can find the pickles and other pickled products that you like best. When stocking your pickle selection, bear in mind that there are many types of pickles from which to choose. The more unusual gourmet and organic options will cost more than a mass produced national product.

Consider that pickle distributors should carry private pickle brands

Pickle distributors can buy pickles from companies doing pickle manufacturing and move them into new markets. Usually the small companies appeal to discreet markets. The organic market will enjoy pickles made organically. Foodies will enjoy "authentic" New York style pickles.

Compare pickles pricing and costs between industry pickles and gourmet pickles

For food retailers, stocking pickles is expected. Before choosing what to buy, you must consider your customers -- are they people who enjoy top-of-the-line pickle products, or those who like to buy middle-of-the-road brands? Compare the pricing and costs of these items.
  • The shelf life of fresh pickles is much shorter than industry pickles, so consider your average turnover carefully before you order
  • If there is a type of pickle specific to your region, stocking it adds local flavor to your establishment.

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