Poetry Book Publishers Key Terms

Write your way to success with poetry book publishers key terms

Poetry book publishing today involves a wide variety of formats and options. If you are a publisher or hoping to work with a publisher on a poetry book, you have many decisions to make. Learning and understanding poetry book publishers key terms helps you to hone in on the options that best interest you. Mastering poetry book publishers key terms lets you speak far more knowledgeably about poetry book publishing, as well.

Self-published poetry books

Self-published poetry books, as the name suggests, are books which have been created and published by the author. This means that the poet has absorbed the printing, typesetting, marketing and other related costs of publishing the book, as well as all the risks of the venture. Some poetry book "publishers" are really self-publishing services, accepting money in exchange for printing, typesetting and related costs.


Chapbooks are small poetry books of between 4 and 40 pages, although most chapbooks are about 30 pages long. Usually, chapbooks are stapled together and have a card stock cover. Although not usually stocked in bookstores, chapbooks are eligible for poetry book contests and for sale. They are very inexpensive for poetry book publishers to produce.

Online poetry chapbooks

Online poetry chapbooks, also called e-chapbooks, as their name suggests, are books of poetry that are made available as an online download. These books often are easy to access and inexpensive to create, making them popular. Some online poetry chapbooks are free and some are by paid download only.

Poetry anthologies

Poetry anthologies are books of poetry by several authors. Since most authors purchase the anthology in which their work appears, many poetry book publishers like the economic benefits of publishing anthologies. Many anthologies are written around a theme.

National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month is a month-long celebration of poetry held every April. Poetry book publishers plan many of their marketing events for this month, because many bookstores give poetry readings this month, schools teach poetry and poetry-related events are held around the country.

Poetry broadsides

Poetry broadsides are small publications or pamphlets of one or two poems. The poems are printed on paper or card stock and the paper is folded or kept flat. Some broadsides include designs and illustrations as well.
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