Powder Coating Equipment Pricing and Costs

Getting familiar with the cost of powder coating equipment and systems

Starting or growing a powder coating business requires a sizable but worthwhile investment. This particular finishing technology represents over 10% of the market and continues to grow. Powder coating businesses use the coating finish on many types of products, including cars, motorcycles and other metal and aluminum products. Many manufacturers prefer powder coating to liquid finishing because of the quality and durability of the finish, its cost effectiveness and environmental friendliness since it uses no solvents.

When purchasing powder coat equipment, you'll find different options, depending on whether you buy single pieces of equipment or complete systems. Consider the following while researching powder coating equipment pricing and costs:

1. Start your powder coating business by purchasing a complete system.

2. Order powder coating equipment and supplies individually.

3. Check out used powder coating equipment before making your final decision.

Search among powder coating systems for the one that fits your needs and budget

If you're just starting your powder coating business, you might find the best bargain by purchasing a system that includes all the powder coat equipment you need to get up and running. At a minimum, the system should include a powder coat booth, oven, gun and hopper.

Invest in the right powder coat supplies and equipment

Whether you just need powder coat tools, supplies or individual pieces of equipment, a powder coating equipment distributor or manufacturer will carry what you need.

Purchase used powder coating equipment for your company

If you want or need a little more than your budget allows, consider investing in used powder coating equipment. While used equipment and system prices can still give you sticker shock, compare them against the same equipment that's brand new to see the value.
  • Don't forget to budget in freight charges and shipping costs when figuring total powder coating equipment pricing and costs. A fixed or portable powder coating system or individual pieces of equipment like ovens are heavy, and a system can weigh in excess of 5,000 lbs. While companies will negotiate with carriers for the best deals on shipping, it's still going to make a sizable dent in your budget.