PR Agencies in Michigan Advice and Ratings

Public Relations agencies in Michigan vary in size, approach and service offerings

Michigan public relations firms offer something for most prospective clients and employees. There are large Michigan PR firms in the Detroit area that offer a full range of services and there are boutique PR firms in Michigan that specialize either in print or electronic media, or in various client types such as non-profits or businesses with less than 100 employees.

With the Internet shrinking the media industry, many PR agencies in Michigan have branched out into online media releases, blogs, and a more liberal definition of what constitutes news. Since anyone can start a blog on anything, it has become easier for Michigan PR agencies to generate hits, which means clients need to become more discerning regarding what constitutes success. When researching PR agencies in Michigan advice and ratings, consider the following:

1. Obtain a list of all public relations firms Michigan, and then choose which you want to investigate.

2. Match Michigan PR companies and their expertise with your needs and interests. Then use PR agencies in Michigan advice and ratings to determine which is best for you.

3. Determine which Michigan Public Relations companies are most adept at the services you need to grow your business or advance your career.

Find a listing of Michigan public relations agencies

To begin your quest for PR agencies in Michigan advice and ratings, you first need to find out which PR agencies are in Michigan and what those agencies can deliver. The Yellow Pages Directory is one place to look and can be valuable, especially with its display advertising, but a better place to start might be the Internet.

Use PR agencies in Michigan advice and ratings to review and develop ratings of PR agencies in MI

Independent ratings and third-party endorsements are a wonderful way to get a handle on the abilities, professionalism and ethics of a PR agency in Michigan. The art of public relations is highly subjective, so reviewing ratings will require some careful interpretation on your part.

Decide which PR services you need and where they might be found in Michigan

The most common public relations services are media relations, employee communications, presentation development and crisis management. Understand where your company's interests are and find a firm near you that has a strong track record in those areas. provides a comprehensive list of PR agencies in Michigan, including articles that detail what to look for in an agency and how PR agencies in Michigan work to deliver value to clients.

  • Public relations firms in MI run the gamut with regards to services offered and execution of those services. Consult with colleagues and mentors in your industry to gather your own list of recommendations to help narrow your list of choices.

Find Pre-Screened Vendors

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