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Learn the lingo of marketing and advertising initiatives by PR agencies in New Jersey

Working with a PR firm in New Jersey can bolster your business' image and create an effective alliance in dealing with the media. But you can't count on your PR firm to do the work alone; the PR agency needs business input from you in order to provide the best relationship. Knowing what you're talking about will go a long way in communicating your PR needs. Toward that goal, you can start by learning these PR key terms.

Above the fold

In print, "above the fold" describes the top portion of a newspaper, which is important because that's what people see when the paper is in a news rack. "Above the fold" also indicates positioning and prominence of an article or an ad on the page or on a webpage. The most effective New Jersey PR firms will try to achieve above-the-fold coverage for their clients.

Brand identity

Wrapping up everything about a product or service into one succinct, outward message is the concept of branding. The product's name and visual appearance makes up its brand identity. Marketing and public relations firms in New Jersey focus on brand identity because of its importance on consumer recognition and distinguishing the product from others.

Media advisory

To announce a special event, such as a news conference, your public relations firm in New Jersey will draft and send a media advisory. The document includes the basic details, schedule and location of the event. A media advisory typically won't release details about the announcement but encourages the media to attend to find out more.

Return on investment

The result of your advertising and marketing efforts, referred to as a return on investment, is what you get out of the advertising. Your New Jersey PR firm will analyze the revenue generated from ads, and marketing and public relations efforts to help identify the strategy that was most effective.

Public service announcements

When your ads convey a message for the betterment of the public, it could be considered a public service announcement or PSA. These announcements are often used as ads for non-profit organizations and many TV and radio stations in New Jersey choose to run them for free or at a reduced rate.
U.S. Department of Energy public service announcement for New Jersey's Change a Light campaign.

Co-op advertising

Co-op advertising refers to subsidizing advertising costs by utilizing national brand funds. National brands, such as Pepsi and Cadillac, make co-op money available to local New Jersey suppliers. However, if you use co-op advertising dollars, you must adhere to rules set up by the national brand.

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