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Learn key terms essential to working with agencies in the world's PR capital

New York is a mecca for the PR professional because it is the leading U.S. media city. Effective PR uses the media to generate interest in a client's products and/or services. To work effectively with PR practitioners in this city, you will need to know about media releases, public service announcements, account executives, editorials, sidebars and spin, among other key terms.

Account executives

An account executive is the primary contact between a New York PR agency and the client. Account executives do not direct campaigns, but they are responsible for making sure that the agency is meeting the client's needs and that the client understands and is satisfied with the agency's approach.
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has a description of a public relations account executive.

Media release

This is the most common function of New York PR agencies after simple advice and counsel. The goal of a media release is to entice a journalist to follow up on the release and produce a story for publication or broadcast.
Business Dictionary offers a definition for a press release, which is an interchangeable term with media release. Media release is preferred in New York agencies since it encompasses all media outlets and not just the press.

Public service announcements

Public service announcements make for great PR because the client and agency have full control of the content but don't have to pay for the space. New York agencies use public service announcements when the client is a nonprofit agency or when a for-profit client has a message that is deemed beneficial to the public at large.


Editorials are opinion pieces found in newspapers and as part of television and radio news programs.


Sidebars are stories related (but secondary) to the main story. They are usually found in newspapers or magazines but can be part of radio or TV news coverage.


Spin is the ability to take an event and present an angle that is advantageous to the client of a New York PR agency.
PR News Blog hosts an excellent discussion on spin filled with data and real-life examples, including consequences of clumsy spin.

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