Prepaid Phone Cards

Save Money by Implementing the Use of Prepaid Phone Cards Within a Small Business

Save money on business expenses by purchasing prepaid phone cards and using them in lieu of a traditional calling plan. You can decrease your overhead and escape overuse charges and fees with prepaid calling cards.

Besides decreasing your phone usage costs, prepaid calling cards have other uses. You can choose to distribute phone cards amongst your clients as a customer incentive program.

1. Compare the prices of each prepaid calling card business. Rates vary greatly between the different phone card providers. Rates have a tendency to change as well on a monthly basis.
2. Contact a provider of prepaid phone cards. Once you find a reliable prepaid calling card business, contact them to place your order. If you plan to set up a long term arrangement to use their prepaid calling card services, you may get a better price from the vendor.
3. Set up an arrangement to purchase wholesale prepaid calling cards. If you need prepaid phone cards on a larger scale, contact phone card companies that distribute this type for discount pricing information.
4. Implement the prepaid phone cards within your business as a customer incentive. Clients will respond well to you choosing to distribute the prepaid calling cards.

Choose the Best Price from a Prepaid Phone Cards Business

You should rely on a name that you can trust when deciding on the provider of your prepaid calling services. Avoid any prepaid phone cards business based out of another country.

Purchase Wholesale Prepaid Phone Cards

When you purchase wholesale prepaid calling cards, you'll likely receive a large discount on your order. Since you are going to use the cards instead of traditional phone plans, you'll likely need a large number of cards.

Offer Prepaid Phone Cards to Your Customers

Customers often find themselves with many different businesses to choose from to meet their needs. Make your company stand out by giving out prepaid phone cards as an incentive to sign with you.
  • If you don't want to constantly replace the prepaid phone cards, look for rechargeable versions. You can set up an account through one of the major carriers in order to add minutes once you run low.
  • You should purchase prepaid calling cards if you have a large number of international clients. Rates on these calls are much lower than those offered by a long distance call carrier.

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