Press Kits

"It's only rock 'n' roll but I like it": Harnessing the power of the press kit.

What do double-platinum rock stars, top government space programs and world-famous doughnut chains all have in common (other than the fact that all kids would die to grow up and become a rock star astronaut or a professional donut taste-tester)? The answer is; they all have mastered the press kit and utilized it for their ultimate gain. The press kit was originally created to publicize artists, musicians and authors, in order to get their talents and products the attention they deserved. They were the prime marketing tool for the independent entrepreneur and the creative peddler. And, after some time, this entertaining tool-of-the-trade made the shift over to the business world to become a staple in most organizations PR arsenal. Press kits allowed organizations and the media to work together in building business. They became a vital tactic in promotion and new product launching, with new modes and methods of delivery and execution being added from all angles. However, what used to be a jam-packed folder sent to media contacts for lead generation, has now morphed into a vital online tool for Web sites. By keeping your information relevant, accessible and media-friendly, press kits whether old school or new age - will help you stay ahead of the publicity curve. And, that concept is music to any organizations ears.

Press kit origins, revealed!

Back in "the day," musicians would send press kits to area newspapers and radio stations before they traveled through that part of the country as a means of giving contacts a chance to promote their arrival. These kits included press photos, statistics and up-to-date information on tours, albums and awards. They offered angles and topics for newspapers to capitalize on, doing the dirty work of the investigative reporter. Businesses soon caught on to both the appeal and the functionality of the press kit and altered it to benefit their industries. Instead of tour info and current singles on the charts, businesses shared recent product launches, mergers, new locations and accolades garnered. Press kits became a key tool of the business realm to better connect with news media, provide them with prefab story ideas (and, the information to write them), all in one visually stimulating package.

Press kits evolve: The trip from classic to progressive rock

From the moment cable music stations began airing music videos back in 1981, it truly was a fact that, "Video killed the radio star." The entire landscape of music presentation and promotion also changed, and, likewise, the introduction of the internet in 1994 was like a tsunami on both marketers and news media alike.

EPKs done right

In addition to including the traditional press kit staples in your EPK, you can also expand; due to the internet's unlimited storage space (a.k.a. you don't have to worry about cramming folder pockets anymore). However, we do offer one caveat: Keep in mind the short attention span of the average Web surfer when you constructing your press kit. Don't expect much more than a 10- to 20-second once-over from the average user. Make their sonic-speed summary count!

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