Pricing and Costs of Antivirus Protection

Find affordable antivirus protection for any size business

The pricing and costs of antivirus vary depending on how much protection you need, how many computers need to be protected, and the type of business. As a small business owner, you should ensure that every computer in your office is safeguarded with antispyware and antivirus software. If you work in the IT department of a large corporation, your needs are more complex. Larger companies need an antivirus program with centralized administration; one that can protect vital resources such as the company Exchange server.

Whether you are running a home office with three computers, or presiding over hundreds of employees in a large corporation, there is anti virus software that meets your needs and your budget:
  1. Protect your office network with the most competitively priced enterprise antivirus programs.
  2. Purchase affordable small business antivirus software.
  3. Get the best free anti virus protection for your home or small office.

Purchase business antivirus programs to cheaply and centrally administer your corporate network

With a little digging, you can find antivirus software providers that will provide you with enterprise level support for mere dollars per computer. Volume discounts apply. The more licenses you purchase, the lower your cost per individual license.

Protect your small business network with the most affordable, effective business antivirus programs

Small business need affordable antivirus protection as well. For less than $500 for two years, you can protect between five and ten office computers. These Small Business Editions of award-winning antivirus software outperform the big dogs on protection and price.

Protect your budget with free antivirus software for your home office

You recognize the need for protection, but simply can't afford the expense of a more robust antivirus solution. Some protection is better than none, and even a free antivirus will protect you from the majority of threats, particularly when paired with a free antispyware program.
  • A free antivirus solution will work if you're running a home office from one computer. Anything more than that, and you'll have to shell out for multiple licenses. More than one antivirus company offers three-license versions of their software for cheaper than just purchasing three distinct software packages. This fills the gap between a small business antivirus solution and a single computer workspace.

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