Pricing and Costs of Applicant Tracking

Examining the pricing and costs of applicant tracking

With so many options available, it can be difficult to decide which online applicant tracking services to use. By examining your company's needs, you can locate the ideal system for your recruiters. Knowing how many employees you support and hire can be beneficial in narrowing down your choices.

As with most software options, online applicant tracking services vary in price, ranging from completely free to more than $1,000 annually, depending on the features and the access provided. Consider the following when examining the pricing and costs of applicant tracking:

1. Access free downloads of resume tracking software.

2. Try using middle-grade resume tracking systems.

3. Purchase high-end applicant tracking systems.

Download a free recruiting software system

You can download free versions of candidate tracking software from the Internet. Many of these systems may not have all the extra features offered by other software packages on the market, but this is an ideal option if your business is getting off the ground.

Use middle-grade applicant tracking systems for smaller businesses

Ranging from less than $30 per month to around $100 per month, these middle-of-the-road candidate tracking system options are ideal for small businesses. While you may not receive all the bells and whistles, these systems work well for general recruiting needs.

Invest in high-end applicant tracking systems

While traditional software solutions cost more than free and web-based systems, you have instant access to all the program's features as well as a free or reduced price on upgrades. This type of software can cost anywhere from around $1,000 to more than $2,500 annually, plus fees for adding users.

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