Pricing and Costs of Automotive Leasing for Executives

Research pricing and costs of automotive leasing for executives

Invest time to collect information on all the costs related to business car leasing. Many business owners lease their vehicle and charge it directly to their company as a business car lease, due to the taxation benefits. Speak with your accountant about the options and dollar value limitation.

There are several factors to consider when pricing an automotive lease. Set a budget for the monthly lease payments to ensure that it does not affect your company's bottom line. Follow the steps before for more details on business car leasing.

1. Explore corporate car leasing costs.

2. Look at alternative corporate auto lease firms.

3. Obtain price ranges for business auto leasing.

Investigate corporate car leasing companies

Look at the various corporate car leasing firms available in your area. There are two types of firms--specialized corporate car lease firms and automotive dealerships. Both firms offer leases, but the specialized firms offer additional, time saving services tailored to the busy executive. Make a list of the features that you require to ensure the vehicles provided meet your needs.

Research corporate auto lease swap firms

Look into the new firms in the corporate auto lease industry. These firms specialize in bringing together customers with leases they want to exit with business auto leasing clients. The lease costs are picked up by the new lease holder for the remaining term of the lease. This is a great way to obtain business auto leasing at a reduced price

Evaluate corporate car leases options and prices

Calculate the true cost of corporate auto leasing before signing a contract. Corporate car leases are financed under the company name, based on the credit rating of the company. A standard business car lease is for five years and has a buy out clause at the end.
  • A business car lease can be for a wide range of vehicle types, from the executive, luxury vehicle to the trucks and vans needed to run the business. Make sure that the operating costs of the vehicle are included in the price calculations.

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