Pricing and Costs of Bi-Fold Doors

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Bifold doors are an inexpensive way to increase access to a closet, change the look of a room or make a space more functional. Additionally, replacing traditional doors with adjusting bifold doors in a business or rental property is relatively easy to do in most cases. The pricing and costs of bi-fold doors vary greatly depending on the door style, material and size. You can also have a custom bifold door built. So before you purchase adjusting bifold doors, ask yourself the following questions: 1. Do I want to buy interior bifold doors? 2. Am I interested in exterior bifold doors? 3. Would I like to have someone build custom bifold doors?

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Interior bi-fold doors can cost you as little as $30 or as much as $400. The price is largely dependant on the size of the door and the material that the door is made out of. In general, smaller accordion closet doors made out of inexpensive woods, such as pine, are cheaper. Larger doors that are mirrored, glassed or made out of an expensive wood, such as birch, will cost you more.

Purchase exterior bifold doors

Glass exterior bifold doors can create a dramatic entrance out to a patio or pool area. These accordion doors are much more heavy and durable than their interior counterparts and so they cost quite a bit more. Most exterior doors are priced by the panel and range from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

Purchase custom bi fold doors

If you have odd-sized door frames or special needs for your bifold doors, you may find it best to contact a manufacturer of custom bifold doors. Custom doors will cost a minimum of several hundred dollars and take several weeks to be delivered, but if you are dealing with odd heights or widths, the price and wait can be worth it.
  • When purchasing bifold doors, don't forget to add the cost of installation into the final purchase price. You will have to install a track onto the door frame, and if your door frame is not a standard size, you may have to hire a contractor to adjust the dimensions of the frame.

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