Pricing and Costs of Digital Business Cards

Invest in your success by using digital business cards

Now that you've decided to promote yourself and your business using digital business cards, it's time to break down the pricing and costs of digital business cards. Whenever you invest in promotional tools, it's understood that some investment is necessary. Therefore, don't fret too much over some of the costs. Just remember you are investing in your success.

There is a price difference when deciding between going with a professional digital business card designer or creating it yourself. Consider the following cost differences:

1. A professionally designed and packaged, silk screened digital business card, overflowing with video, graphics, and music, can cost $2,500 or more for a quantity of 1000 CDs.

2. If designing your own CD business cards, supplying your own packaging, discs, duplicating capabilities and software may cost in the $1,500 range.

3. It's possible to hire a digital business card designer to set up the basics, then do the duplicating yourself. This is a little more time consuming, but can be done from anywhere from $900 to $1600.

Go for multi-media loaded, DVD business cards

Set yourself apart from your competition by handing a potential client your professionally packaged, interactive business card. Seek out companies who specialize in digital promotional marketing.

Save money by creating your own digital business cards

A digital business card CD with an easy way to link to your email, a little text and perhaps your logo, can go a long way in attracting clients. These options are possible by investing a little time and money.

Hire a digital business card designer, then do the packaging and duplicating yourself

If you like the idea of interactive business cards, but feel a bit daunted by putting it together yourself, hire a professional. Once your digital business card is complete, take on the packaging and duplicating yourself.
  • Negotiate with the makers of digital business cards. Most digital business card designers are flexible with their pricing and will work with you.

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