Pricing and Costs of Email Fax

How to find the best price for email fax services

Fax by email or Internet Protocol (IP) is becoming more popular due to the increasing digitization of communication methods. Sign up for one of the many online fax services to save money on paper costs and the cost of buying and running a fax machine.

Each fax over IP service has different price plans and features. The pricing and costs of email fax vary according to the following factors:

1. The quantity of faxes you want to send or receive each month;

2. The type of phone number you want, whether you want a toll-free fax phone number or a local number;

3. And the extra fax email features you want, such as file conversion.

Find free or low-cost IP fax for small quantities

If you only plan to use a fax to email service occasionally, look for a service that is free or very low cost. Free services are often ad-supported, so read the fine print to see if the host will include an ad on the cover page. Since the company would need to assign a phone number to you in order for you to receive a fax, most of the low-cost services are send-only services.

Choose moderately-priced email to fax services for 200-300 faxes per month

Most plans have two price components, similar to cell phone plans. You pay a monthly fee that gets you a certain number of pages each month. Some companies with really low monthly fees bill annually instead of monthly. If you go over the monthly page allotment, there is a per-page charge for each page over the limit.

Get a low per-page price on fax from computer in higher quantities

For power faxers, free and limited monthly plans won't do simply because of the limited quantity. Add up the overage charges to determine how much you'd pay for any given amount of faxes per month. If you send a lot of faxes, look for plans with the lowest over-limit per-page fee and the highest quantity of included pages each month.

  • Some email fax services charge extra for toll-free incoming fax numbers, and some include this feature for no extra cost. Read the pricing plans thoroughly before choosing the right plan for your business.

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